Start Marketing: a DIY guide to finding audiences, offering value, and noticing what works

Luke Marshall
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Hi I'm Marshy!

I'm here to help you start marketing your business—no matter where you are in your journey.

You know that marketing is important, but it's also confusing. There’s so much information out there, and everyone is telling you to do something different.

And then there’s all the jargon… what does it all mean?
How do you know what's right for your business?
How can I get started today?

That’s why I created:

Start Marketing: a DIY guide to finding audiences, offering value, and noticing what works.

This ebook distills nearly two decades of digital marketing wisdom into an easy-to-understand approach for learning and executing your marketing.

It's packed with actionable advice and exercises that will help you focus your efforts without overwhelm— enabling you to notice what works.

So whether you're a budding entrepreneur, small business owner, or an established side-hustler looking for some quick wins with your marketing strategy, this book gives you a way to do marketing that matters and on your terms.


  • Over 70+ chapters designed to get you running with marketing activity fast
  • Learn shortcuts, frameworks, and concepts that help you execute confidently - including the rule of 3, TEEL and CLEAR, and fishing with hooks.
  • Examples and exercises aplenty - to help you contextualise what you're reading and apply it to your own aspiring enterprise

Words from others:

Luke lives and breathes new technologies. Over the years he has built an extremely valuable experience working on some of the most innovative brands in Australia. He has a very good understanding of the digital media dynamics, not only in Australia but globally. I have rarely seen such passion, creativity and drive at work. Luke is a super star and I only wish I will have the pleasure and opportunity to work with him again in the future!
- Marie S, Apple

Luke is an experienced digital marketer. A highly technical, very creative and a performance focused digital marketing pro. He's worked in some of the top companies like Google and FB - and has a lot of experience running campaigns for startups like ourselves. - Alan C, Co-founder - Birchal + Pozible

Luke probably never thought of mentoring me, someone who had zero background in Digital Marketing. Only months later, I was trusted to take on the role of Marketing Coordinator and smoothly run campaigns – all thanks to this guy. His pot-a-knowledge is bottomless, with tips and tricks you can't just Google. Leadership and wisdom with a sprinkle of dad-jokes, Luke's a triple threat. Watch this space!
- Jennifer M, RMT Activator

Chapter overview:


Warm-up chapters

1. A reality check.

2. It doesn't matter.

3. This is where you start.

4. Drinking from a firehose.

5 Core Concepts

5. The 1-10-100 rule.

6. Always be pitching.

7. Do it the hard way.

8. Take action every time.

9. Find-Offer-Notice.

I. Find

Understanding your customers.

10. Take a guess.

11. Hang out in the same spots.

12. The reality of demographics.

13. Look them in the eye.

14. Man bites dog.

15. The 5 why technique.

16. Beware of surveys.

17. Collect customer stories.

18. Stretching your understanding.

Find your customers.

19. Always serve.

20. Channels and flow.

21. Who sent you?!

22. Be a creep.

23. A crash-course on desktop research.

24. The best channels.

25. Channel partners.

26. Stretching your finding.

Collaborating for customers.

27. Knock on the door with value.

28. Don't be a dick.

29. Create a goodie bag.

30. Teaching is low-cost and high-value.

31. What’s the hook?

32. Fishing with hooks.

33. Partnering your way to success.

34. Delivering value - no matter what.

35. Stretching your collaborations.

II. Offer

Assembling your offer.

36. Creating your offer.

37. Sell with clarity.

38. And so what? And so what then?

39. Teasing out features and benefits.

40. Pressure testing.

41. Help your partners.

42. Spell out what your customers get.

43. Reversing risk and social proof.

44. Stretching your assembly.

Crafting your offer.

45. Word power.

46. How to send pitches.

47. Benefits-led language.

48. The phone check.

49. Kill jargon.

50. The rule of 3.

51. Try describing it to your aunty.

52. TEEL and CLEAR.

53. Attention, Interest, Decision, Action.

54. As terrible as you’ll ever be.

55. Stretching your craft.

Designing your offer.

56. Make it look not sh*t.

57. Table stakes.

58. Create a mini-brand book.

59. A quick word on logos.

60. Visual hierarchy.

61. Remember CRAP.

62. Grab a snappy friend.

63. Keep a swipe file.

64. No-code tools.

65. Don’t let tech get in the way from selling your product.

66. Stretching your design.

III. Notice

Noticing what works.

67. Curiosity first.

68. The priority ladder.

69. Trends over precision.

70. Money talks.

71. Track what you do.

72. Measurement tools.

73. Traffic - a major milestone.

74. Pattern recognition.

75. Pick one thing at a time.

76. Not everything is predictable.

77. Stretching what you notice.


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Start Marketing: a DIY guide to finding audiences, offering value, and noticing what works

2 ratings
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